CP's Blues Band

Tom Patrick

Tom Patrick
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Fixed Abode:
Brown Knowl, Cheshire
Instrument in the band:
Bass, Bone and Vocals, now and then.
Other instruments:
Well. I have Violin Grade One and Piano Grade Four. I own a guitar, but thatīs not saying much.
Most memorable gig:

Definitely the last September one. We were very good.
Favourite song in the set:
'Big Bird', but there are others, which I forget.
Greatest musical achievement:
Gosh, I donīt know. I was quite excited when I met half of the Trail of Dead. But it has to be just playing in the Blues Band, which is as fine a set of musicians as I could ever hope to work with.
Other projects:
The Durham Light Infantrymen.
Where are you now:
In Tudela, Spain, teaching English to Spanish kids. More specifically, in the staff room. And less specifically in the middle of a degree in French and Spanish. And even less specifically, trying to think of something to do with life, as Iīm a little undecided as of yet.