CP's Blues Band

Ruth Lindsay

Ruth Lindsay
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Fixed Abode:
Hoofield, Cheshire
Instrument in the band:
Alto Sax
Other instruments:
Flute, concertina and the piano (If I can include somthing I've not played for a year)
Most memorable gig:
Erm, all tend to be quite good, but the last one [11th Sept. '04] was probably my favourite
Favourite song in the set:
B Movie or I'm Gone, or maybe Excuse Moi, though to be fair, I do like them all
Greatest musical achievement:
 Good Question. Playing with a professional orchestra was probably the best!
Other projects:
Wind Band, Chamber Orchestra and Symphony Orchestra at uni, and think thats about it I think.
Where are you now:
At Sheffield Uni doing Music and English Language - think I'm the only person out of the band who is doing anything to do with music at uni!