CP's Blues Band

Ros Mortimore

Ros Mortimore
Instrument in the band:

Other instruments:

Violin and can kinda play the piano
Most memorable gig:

Has to be the last one [Sept. 11th]
Favourite song in the set:

"I just wanna make love to you"
Greatest musical achievement:

Not sure if I have any (will keep thinking)
Other projects:

Cheshire Youth Orchestra, Choirs, and various string groups and orchestras.
Where are you now:

Currently studying French, Biology, Music and Chemistry at John Deane's College. I am busy at moment with production of Les Mis as too is Rose. Would be great if anyone wanted to come along and laugh at our inability to act, but should be fun! Hopefully gonna be goin on tour with Cheshire Youth (Himalayas although me thinks Chris wants to go to Cuba, Strange!)