CP's Blues Band

Nicola Gandy

Nicola Gandy (Nikki)
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Fixed Abode:
Bruntsfield, Edinburgh
Instrument in the band:
Lead Vocals
Other instruments:
I bluff my way through the Piano!
Most memorable gig:
It's got to be either the September 2004 Cystic Fibrosis/Marie Curie gig or Jill [our music teacher] and Robin's wedding.
Favourite song in the set:
 I'll have to have a few I think - 'Big Bird' because of the impressive middle bit,(good work Chris!) 'Hold On' because I tend to get a little teeny tiny bit carried away, or 'New Orleans'; purely based on the FANTASTIC solos and the massive roar of the audience when they sing the lines back to me!
Greatest musical achievement: 
Well.....CP's Blues Band.....of course, and meeting my idol, Roisin Murphy at glastonbury this year (2005)
Other projects:
  Bell and I are doing some great stuff at uni - we write our own songs and slip them into a set of some covers. I also have the occasional guest slot with 'The Michael Hallett Trio' and I'm prone to helping out my friends with exam pieces. It's all great fun.
Where are you now: 

Currently studying English Language, Social Policy and
Theoretical & Applied Linguistics at the University of Edinburgh.