CP's Blues Band


Some of our favourite websites

The Official Blues Brothers Site
The official website of The Blues Brothers

Blues Brothers Central
The internet's largest Blues Brothers fan site.
This site is a must for any true Blues Brothers fan!

Jools Holland
Jools Holland has given CP's Blues Band so much inspiration over the years. Here's where to find him.

Rich Rich & the Money Makers
Dom's other band. That's right -- 'other'! We're not so special after all.!

Dom's (& Al's) Travel Diary
Follow saxer, Dom, on his travels of the globe.

Leda Atomica
The place where Leda Atomica live,
Johnny and Anton's band.

Benny Woo
Experimental electronic lovesongs, homemade software and delicate browbone kisses. A loyal friend to Leda Atomica.

Men Have Mumps - Born Poorly
Men Have Mumps are a glut of pips. They're a foul bowl of chib and they were born poorly.To expand on this, Men Have Mumps have sparrows. The supergroup of Benny Woo and Michelle Norton. Attest for yourself.

Yeti Sports
Website that helped many students not get degrees.

The Onion
Comedy News stories each day.