CP's Blues Band

Dom Tansley

Dom Tansley
Date of Birth:
27/04/1983 (oldest and wisest band member)
Place of Birth:
Fixed Abode:
Little Budworth, Cheshire.
Instrument in the band:
Tenor, Alto and Soprano Saxophones with a little bit of Blues Harp.
Other instruments:
Guitar, Bass and sometimes I play the fool.
Most memorable gig:
Playing an open air gig on Bunbury playing field with the wall of sound. Turning up 5 minutes after we were due to start straight from uni with one saxophone, no music and having not played with the band for six months. Now thats Rock'n'Roll!!!
Favourite song in the set:
Wrap it up because it grooves, or T-bag Scuffle as its the closest thing to proper blues our 'Blues' band plays (and technically its boogie).
Greatest musical achievement:
Playing with 'The Scissor Sisters' with my Uni Rock'n'Roll band, although unfortunately there albumn narrowly beat us to number one.
Other projects:
The aforementioned Cambridge Rock'n'Roll band 'Rich Rich and the Moneymakers'. A Northwich based jazz thing and a new project plaing origionals provisionally called 'Bless'. I also plan learning to spell to fulfil a lifelong dream of meeting Eamon Holmes.
Where are you now:
Brushing my beautiful flowing bushy blonde hair, as alas, like Alex, 'tis only beauty that keeps me in this band.