CP's Blues Band

David Law

David "Bell" Law
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Fixed Abode:
Instrument in the band:
Guitar and Trumpet
Other instruments:
 Cornet...MEGA PHONE – it is a real instrument
Most memorable gig:
They all have their own plus points but it will probably have to be September 11th or the second THS Parents' Association May Ball. Everyone was on such top form for September 11th, we all sounded great. The May Ball was just really good fun, on stage and off.
Favourite song in the set:
B Movie Box Car Blues! Or Maybe I’m Wrong
Greatest musical achievement:
 I guess my first gig was an achievement, I don't know, being the subject of a major west end musical? (thanks Chris!)
Other projects:
Me and Nikki’s have a duet thing going on, Nik sings, I play and sing a bit. We’ve written a few songs and have managed to get a couple of gig’s in Edinburgh so far. Also I have side project with my cousin, Pete Dafeet, called the Rickenbacker Jack. He is a DJ/producer, making funky house music. We have made a cool track with sampled guitar riffs, its just in the process of being promoted so watch this space, if you can be bothered.
Where are you now:
I am at Uni in Edinburgh doing a Culture, Media and Society degree.