CP's Blues Band

Anton Hunter

Anton Hunter
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Fixed Abode:
Bunbury, Cheshire
Instrument in the band:
Guitar and live sound technical wizardry
Other instruments:
With varying degrees of ability, Bass, Mandolin, Drums
Most memorable gig:
Emma Martin's 21st, for the audience alone
Favourite song in the set:
Probably Midnight Hour, or I Just Wanna Make Love To You for the bit where it drops back into the verse as Nikki's singing "whoa" or something. Get's me every time.
Greatest musical achievement:
Inventing the "Anton and Bell play each others guitars" bit. Or some of the Leda Atomica tracks.
Other projects:
Leda Atomica, Cheshire Youth Big Band, Manchester Uni Big Band, Shisha PM and various jazz trios/quartets.
Where are you now:
Manchester, begrudgingly doing physics and playing in a variety of bands that don't quite live up to the ones back home.