CP's Blues Band

Alex James

Alex James
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Fixed Abode:
Bunbury, Cheshire
Instrument in the band:
Some form of backing Vocals (ooh ooh girl!!)
Other instruments:
None existent blagged my way into the band with Blonde hair, not musical ability!!
Most memorable gig:
The Blues Band Gig in our Honour in Sept 03
Favourite song in the set:
'Everybody' and 'I'm Gone'.
Greatest musical achievement:
Again never claimed to be remotely musical but very skilled in the art of footwear shopping!!
Other projects:
Finding a Job as scarily I find my self in my final year at Uni with (typically female) no sense of direction, all offers gratefully received!!
Where are you now:
Currently studying Applied Communications Studies at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. And having a great time pretending to work in a club but just getting paid for the equivalent of Britain's best night out!!